can·cer  |  ˈkansər/


noun: Cancer

The disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body.

A malignant growth or tumor resulting from the division of abnormal cells.

plural noun: Cancers


Cancer is characterized by a number of different diseases with abnormal growth of the cells that have the ability to metastasize and spread throughout the body damaging and destroying healthy tissue, organs and bone.

Although there are many types of cancer of the body the most common are lung cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, kidney cancer, bone cancer and skin cancer.

Some of the symptoms associated with the disease include abnormal lumps, night sweats, unexplained weight loss, fatigue, changes of bowls painful urination, blood in the urine blood in the stool, pain, abdominal pain and changes in appetite.

Most common approach to treatment for cancer is surgery along with chemotherapy,
Radiation therapy, immunotherapy and hormone therapy.

Some people have also looked to natural remedies and have taken a more holistic approach through alternative treatments like herbs and natural medicine . And also the many benefits of Far Infrared (FIR) light Therapy.

Far infrared is now being used today to treat many chronic diseases and conditions in the body including Cancer (FIR) has been showing great results while being used alongside with traditional treatment such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Far Infrared is able to penetrate deep into the tissues raising the body’s core temperature.

It is believed that by implementing 15 to 30-minute sessions a couple times a week to five times per week people are seeing results with (FIR) and finding relief from the many symptoms that come with this condition.

Hyperthermia heat treatment,(FIR) sauna heats up the body’s core temperature allowing for the body to fight off infection and bacteria, virus, parasites, fungi and kill Cancer cells all of which can not survive in the heat.

Raising the core temperature causes the body to sweat and release traped toxins, waste and heavy metals from damaged or diseased cells.

This allows for regeneration of new cells while Activating the imune system and enhancing killer T-cells, white blood function and helping to break down and destroy damaged and diseased Cancer cells and fight off tumors.

When a tissue,  becomes inflamed or injured there is a lack of cellular energy causing the cells to die. By implementing (FIR) light therapy we are able to increase the energy trasporter with in the cells referred to as (ATP)  adenosine triposphate.

Increased levels of (ATP) help to make new cells and increase blood flow, oxygen, nutrients and white blood cells  to the area reducing inflammation fight off pathogens and help the body in the process of regeneration and healing of the affected  area and tissues.

Far Infrared is also known to activate Arginine  an important amino acid  that plays a roll in the synthesis of (Nitric oxide) a powerful neurotransmitter and free radical.

Far infrared increases (ATP) energy to the cells Stimulates production of (Arginine) which plays a role in the synthesis of (Nitric oxide) which regulates, remodels and restructures new cells,  and tissue helping in the healing process of injured and diseased tissues and cells.

Along with Far Infrared light therapy we suggest a healthy diet, proper nutrition, exercise, Hydration, electrolyte replacement and mineralization in order to help speed up relief and recovery and optimize the healing process of your condition.

Boost imune system, destroy diseased cells, expel toxins and help the body to heal  on a cellular level…

Try  R  (FDA) registered SkyEye and internationally award winning patented design of Pure Far Infrared products and get the relief that you deserve and you’ve been looking for today.

Wishing you Good health and happiness
– Rsauna

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