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Massage Therapists Love Relax Sauna®

Maylene says It felt as good as getting a massage, if not better

As soon as I felt the heat in the sauna, my muscles felt like they were melting it was so good that It almost felt as good as getting a massage if not better and I get massages every other week. My friend was just sitting in it and she was telling me that you have to get in this thing . It is amazing. I am really thinking of purchasing one for my customers and my spa. They probably wouldn’t even want a massage once they got out of this thing. The muscles just instantly relax. the heat felt like it was very even underneath the bottom and the top and the warmth was just evenly dispersed. Every area even where I was sitting, I felt the same amount of heat. It wasn’t uncomfortable . it was just…I don’t know I have never felt anything like it. It was great! I am so glad you were at this massage festival. And I hope that everyone experiences the Relax Sauna® because it was so wonderful….

Putting clients in Relax Sauna® before getting a massage has brought more business!!!

It’s fantastic. This Sauna really helps with my work. Clients love it because they can relax. They don’t experience as much pain when they go through a massage session. My mother specifically has low back pain, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. She has been using it for a full year. She just came back from having tests at her doctor. Her rheumatoid readings are completely gone. She no longer has rheumatoid arthritis. My mother in law has had double knee replacements. She doesn’t have issues now with mobility and range of motion. My clients love Rsauna® and most of them have gone ahead and  bought one too. They use it daily in their homes. We have it as an add-on to some of our services. It gives the client a chance to relax before they get their massage and they love it. So it’s fantastic. Everyone  just Loves Relax Sauna®….

Personally, I’ve had skin issue that it helps with. It has helped heal them. It’s helped me with energy and recovering. I am active and when I ride my bike, I’ve noticed that It’s easier. I don’t get as winded when I am on my bike. It really has been a fantastic Sauna. Main thing I’ve noticed – is just more energy, less fatigue while I am going, and i don’t have that post-workout soreness like I used to have. I am Relaxed – calms every thing down, I come out of a Sauna session and I feel great and rejuvenated.  I just love it. When I am at the spa, I use it between every client for 5 to 7 minutes. It keeps my energy level up. I don’t have so much fatigue at the end of the day. When I take it home, sometimes I’ll use it twice during the day, right before bed and when I wake up. It really just helps my day go by. Oh Yeah, in 10 minutes you’re sweating and in 20 minutes you’re drenched, and if you can make it to 30 you just feel completely refreshed.

Runners and Athletes Love The Relax Sauna®

Maggie Runs a Marathon In Philly, and Shows Up at an Expo

“I feel incredible I don’t want to leave. I feel warm, and relaxed. My muscles feel great. I ran a marathon today. This is just enhancing my recovery more than anything else I have done today.”

“I feel enclosed and Safe and warm. With the heat that’s emanating, its relaxing me. I am feeling a little bit sleepy. But it’s a good sleepy. My muscles feel loose. My brain feels good, my brain feels clear, clearer than it was before. So I feel good.

“I was tired, and sore and fatigued. Now I can have the rest of my day back. This was great. I just like the warmth. My muscles were very tight and tense. I was squeezing my entire body together. But here I was able to let go and  now I feel relaxed. The heat is just great.

I just did about 10 minutes in Rsauna® and I do not feel sore, I do not feel tried. I can do a squat. I can bend my legs.  After running 26.2 miles this morning. I was so stiff. I was ready for my nap. I am good to go. I am double happy about this. Sitting was hard before this. 10 minutes ago I could barely walk. This is amazing. It took a lot just to get down the stairs. I could not even put my shoes on earlier. Thank you so very much. The Relax Sauna® is amazing.

Shana Describes How Rsauna® Has Helped Her So Much In Her Marathon Training

“I am a performance athlete. I compete in marathons, endurance races, heavy weight lifting and athletics.”

I cannot live a day without sweating in my sauna at least 25-30 minutes every day. It makes me feel balanced, calm, relaxed. I generally feel if I don’t do a sauna I am not in that same level of health as I was on the day that I did sweat. … I notice on those days when I don’t use the Sauna I don’t sleep as well. my mood is not nearly as elevated and happy as it normally is … When I get in the Sauna It is a better day all the way around…I LOVE IT !!!

Relax sauna® is amazing !!! … It is one of the few saunas that actually penetrates in past the cellulite. It’s able to break up the cellulite, rids you of all those toxins. helping you to detox It detoxes your blood your organs and everything … This Sauna is the Best Far Infrared out there– I recommend it to Everyone.… I am 27 years old and I have been using this Saunas now for 13 years. … This is my favorite. … I know that with this Sauna when I sweat it is over 80% toxins that are being released… And I definitely perform WAY better. … my muscles are so well conditioned they are actually soft. They are not these rock hard muscles. Because there’s no toxins building up in my muscles. I don’t have any cellulite … It is inflammation reducing. If the muscle gets irritated, inflamed, it’s ok, it’s going to be better in 30 minutes – I have my sauna . … It helps me recover SO Quick. (after a marathon) Relax sauna® is the best Far Infrared Sauna that’s available on the market.

A day without Rsauna® is like a day without Sunshine.