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Far Infrared Ray Technology

We have captured the Sun!!!

What is Far Infrared Ray (FIR)? Far Infrared Ray is a form of electromagnetic Light Energy that comes from the Sun. It falls within the same spectrum of Near and Mid Infrared Ray Light, but due to its longer wavelength Far Infrared Rays cannot be seen by the human eye just like ultraviolet rays and X-rays.

This FIR Energy that comes from the Sun is absolutely essential for human beings and all living things in the world… Without it nothing could thrive, grow, live or even exist. It is this FIR Vital Life Force Energy that radiates from our Sun and that dwells within and also emits from all living things…

If you were to look at someone in the dark through a pair of night vision goggles it is this FIR Life Force Energy radiating from the body that you would be able to see.

Only Far Infrared waves between 4 and 14 microns can be readily absorbed and used by the human body.

The Relax Sauna’s and Medical Therapy Lamp’s all use the same patented and FDA registered (Automatically Controlled Computerized Semiconductor Chip Technology) that emits 4 to 14 microns of pure Far Infrared Light.  It is this absorbable frequency that resonates with all of the cells and tissues of the human body.

Being able to increase the absorption of this life giving FIR Light Energy allows for the assistance of the body’s natural ability to synergistically regenerate, repair and regrow new cells and new tissues along with other countless benefits.

This same powerful Life giving FIR Light Energy also has the ability to assist in the removal and elimination of unwanted heavy metals, metabolic waste,  and other environmental toxins.

By increasing the body’s core temperature we are able to assist the body in one of the most important roles of a Healing Journey and a Healthy Lifestyle and that is the ability to induce a detoxifying sweat.

The Patented Automatic Heat Controlled Ceramic Semiconductors are a combination of heat materials, FIR materials, and a control component.

Within (R) sit-down sauna you will find two patented FIR generators producing 95% pure Far Infrared light (pictured above) that have 20 Semi-Conductor Chips in each (FIR) generator box and each with its own fan.

The purpose of the Fans are to keep the 40 Patented Semi-conductor chips within Rsauna® and the other Relax FIR products at a certain temperature and from overheating. Because of this the flow of the FIR Energy Light rays that are being emitted are continuous.

Most of the other Far Infrared Saunas and Therapy Lamps out there do not have a continuous flow of FIR light. This is because their units get too hot, and automatically turn off to prevent any damage.  You generally cannot tell because Far Infrared Light cannot be seen by the human eye.

Another important component that’s been added into the Technology of the Relax FIR generators is that it can automatically control the temperature for the user’s safety.  This allows for  the Ceramic Semiconductor Chips to lower the electrical current when the heat is too high, and to increase the electrical current when the heat is too low. This allows for heat that is produced from the FIR light to be kept at a steady temperature at all times.

Along with our FDA registered and clinically tested FIR technology another thing that separates us from the rest is the Relax Sauna tent.

Unlike other portable sauna tents the Relax tent is made of nylon that has been impregnated and woven together with silver that acts as a mirror. This allows for the Far Infrared light to reflect evenly throughout the sauna tent and to penetrate into all of the muscles, tissues, organs and bones within the body.

Try Relax Sauna® and the other International award winning patented design of Pure Far Infrared ray Relax products and get the results and relief that you deserve and have been looking for today…

A day without Rsauna® is like a day without Sunshine.

All of (R) FIR products which are The Original Relax FIR products conform with both CE (Standard of European Union ) and GS  (German Equipment Safety Law ) Standard.  Patented Products PTC Heater FIR Sauna.

Us Patent  5,125,070 6,615,419 B1
Germany patent  41 04 521 202 13 147.5

Energy Immunology by FIR 4-14um with patented Ceramic Semiconductor Technology

International Invention Awards • Worldwide Patents • Quality & Safety Standards

Global Patent.   ISO 9001:2000
America, Canada, Europe, Germany, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China

National Award
Gold Medal Winner from shows at Pittsburgh at American, Nuernberg at Germany, Taipei at Taiwan, and ShanHai at China

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