de·pres·sion  |  dəˈpreSH(ə)n/


noun: Depression

feelings of severe despondency and dejection “self-doubt creeps in and that swiftly turns to depression”

How R Far Infrared Therapy may help with…..


Far infrared is now being implemented and integrated into Mental Health therapy and to help conditions such as PTSD, Anxiety, Panic disorder and Depression.

Depression has become very common among Americans these days and people around the world. There are many reasons why a person can become depressed such as physical illness, loneliness, isolation, relationship problems, drug and alcohol addiction, and problems in your home family or social life are just a few.

But depression can actually stem from a disorder and improper functioning from the neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin in the brain causing onset of this disease.

When dopamine levels are higher one has the feeling of  pleasure, excitement, and euphoria.
And higher levels of Serotonin bring the  feelings of happiness, contentment and thoughts that are optimistic and positive.

But Lower levels of dopamine and serotonin can be linked to inability to feel pleasure, feelings of anxiety, impaired thinking and memory loss,  feelings of unworthiness and lack of enthusiasm causing one to feel less optimistic and unhappy.

This can have a big impact on a person’s ability to interact with others, socialize, work, go to school and function in general period.  Leaving one living with the sense of hopelessness, sadness sorrow and despair.

It is also been found that there is a link between heavy metal toxicity, environmental toxins and chemicals and how they affect the brain chemistry and levels of dopamine and serotonin and within the process can possibly be part of the underlying cause anxiety and depression.

Conventional treatment for this condition includes but is not limited to counseling, psychotherapy, medication and and in some more severe cases hospitalization.

Today more and more people are finding relief through Far Infrared light therapy.

By implementing (FIR) sauna one is able raise the body’s core temperature as the light wave penetrates deep in the the tissues  vibrating the water molecules inducing a sweat that is able to remove the heavy metals, chemicals and toxins from the brain and body allowing for regeneration of new cells and tissue.

This detoxification allows the body and the brain the ability to function on a more optimal level. Leaving one feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and with a sense of peace and well-being.

Far infrared increases (ATP) energy to the cells.

Stimulates production of (Arginine) which plays a role in the synthesis of (Nitric oxide) which regulates, remodels and restructures new cells, and tissue helping in the healing process of injured and diseased tissues and cells.

Far Infrared (FIR) light therapy is known to calm the nerves,  bring the body’s parasympathetic nervous system back into balance and relax the mind and the body.

Along with Far Infrared light therapy we suggest a healthy diet, proper nutrition, exercise, Hydration, electrolyte replacement and mineralization in order to help speed up relief and recovery and optimize the healing process of your condition.

Start the healing process of the Brain and.  body on a cellular level…

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Wishing you Good health and happiness
– Rsauna

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