Lyme Disease

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Lyme dis·ease   |  ˈlīm diˌzēz/


noun: Lyme Disease

An inflammatory disease characterized at first by a rash, headache, fever, and chills, and later by possible arthritis and neurological and cardiac disorders, caused by bacteria that are transmitted by ticks.

How R Far Infrared Therapy may help with….

(Lyme disease)

Every year somewhere in the likes of 300,000 people become infected with Lyme disease and the numbers continue to grow. Many of these cases go undiagnosed or get misdiagnosed because Lyme can mimic so many other diseases. Lyme disease is vector born infection caused by a bacterium known as Borrellia burgdoferi a pathogen in the shape of a corkscrew called a spirochete that is spread to humans through the bite of a tick that has been infected with this bacteria. Ticks become infected by feeding on deer, White footed mice, and sometimes even birds.

A tick bite can easily go unnoticed either because the tick is somewhere on the body not visible, the tick is a small nymph tick and difficult to see and last the tick has a numbing compound within its saliva so that you don’t feel the bite as it burrows its head into the skin
Most of the time the bite is accompanied by a bull’s-eye rash also known as erythema migrans or (EM) rash. But other times there is no rash present and no sign of the tick that bit you. Leaving people with only the symptoms.

These symptoms can include rash, flu like symptoms,  inflammation of the brain and spinal cord, meningitis, joint pain, stiffness in the neck, headaches, arthritis, fevers, chills, night sweats, fatigue, pain in the ligaments, tendons, joints, and muscles, stiffness, inflammation, heart palpitations, insomnia, vision problems, vertigo, dizziness, and bells palsy to name a few.Lyme disease can also affect all the organs, bones, tissue, nerves and brain simultaneously as it spread in the blood throughout each system of the body causing physical, neurological, mental,  and emotional stress and damage to it’s host.

If caught early Lyme disease can be treated with antibiotics typically Doxycycline is prescribed for two weeks but should be taken for at least one month to clear up the infection. If left untreated the infection spreads and becomes what is known as chronic Lyme. At this point one has to make a choice of treatment which can consist of antibiotics taken intravenously for up to a year or more.

Others choose a more holistic approach and choose not to take antibiotics but to turn to such things as….. herbs, parasite cleanse, homeopathic remedies, changes in diet and now more people are beginning to detox with the help of Far Infrared light Therapy.

By implementing and using (FIR) people are finding a reduction in depression and stress and Anxiety Related to Lime and also relief  from symptoms like heart palpitations, inflammation,  joint pain, stiffness, fatigue, insomnia, restlessness, Lyme arthritis and other pain associated with Lyme.

(FIR) sauna heats up the body’s core temperature boost the immune system increases white blood cell and killer T cell function allowing for the body to fight off infection and rid the body of bacteria and parasites. The body is then able to to sweat out  and release trapped toxins not only from the die off of the pathogens but also remove waste and heavy metals ant toxins from brain and other damaged or diseased cells and allowing for regeneration of new cells, and tissue.

Along with Far Infrared light therapy we suggest a healthy diet, proper nutrition, exercise, hydration, electrolyte replacement and mineralization in order to help speed up relief, recovery and optimize the healing process of your condition.

Lower pathogenic load, detox, boost immune
Help the body to heal on a cellular level..

Try  R  (FDA) approved and internationally award winning patented design of Pure Far Infrared products and get the relief that you deserve and you’ve been looking for today.

Wishing you Good health and happiness
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Tips on Ticks and Detoxing From Lyme disease

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