Far Infrared Ray Relax Sauna® (Lie Down Model)

Bringing You Happiness Mile After Mile

relax lie down infrared sauna

Now you can enjoy Rsauna professional lie down Truckersauna in the comfort of Sleeper Cab your home, office, hotel room or just about anywhere you could imagine. Trucker Fitness anyone can do. Just lie down and RELAX. Let The Healing Light do the rest.

  • Reduce Body Fat
  • Boost Metabolism
  • Experience Deep Relaxation
  • Relieve Pain
  • Fight Colds Virus Bacteria
  • Relax Sore Muscles
  • Burn Calories
  • Fight Fatigue
  • Improve Heart Health
  • Detox Heavy Metals

Price: $1400

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Now You Can Have A Relaxing Sauna In Your Truck!

Rest Relax And Rejuvinate On The Road

Imagine after driving all day, pulling over relaxing and enjoying the view from your portable far infrared Rv sauna. Bringing you the health benefits of the hot springs where ever you go! The sauna can be set up inside or outside of your Rv giving you  freedom and versatility. Enjoy a sauna on a brisk morning or an evening star gazing. The world wide patented Relax Medical Grade Technology in this sauna is very unique.

Portable - Powerful - Professional

Now you can enjoy a professional lie down sauna in the comfort of your home, office, hotel room your Sleeper Cab or just about anywhere you could imagine. All you need is an electrical outlet and 20 minutes or less 2 to 3 times per week to begin to see the desired results.
Many Truck Drivers who try Rsauna for the first time experience immidiate results and relief they have not been able to find anywhere else. A new way to improve Trucker fitness.

Simple to set up and take down. You can also just leave the sauna up for as long as you would like.
You can place the Lie down sauna on the Lower or upper Bunk in your Sleeper or easily bring into a Hotel room or Home. Easy to transport and store and fits into a carrying bag.

Personal, Powerful, Portable, Durable, Compact, Lightweight, Energy Efficient, Affordable And Very Effective. Heats Up In Seconds!!!

The antimicrobial mold resistant dome tent and silver mat allow for the Pure Far Infrared light to reflect evenly throughout Rsauna and to penetrate into all the muscles, tissueus, organs and bones within the body.

Product Size: 64″ x 30″ x 18″ Box Size: 33″ x 20″ x 9″ Weight: 18 LB Voltage: AC 100V ~ 240V Power: 800W
Includes: dome sauna tent, (FIR) generator, pillow, air pump, reflective silver lay down mat and carrying bag.

Whether it’s a physical, mental health condition or autoimmune disorder that may be the affliction, we feel that there is one treatment that may help them all and that is Far Infrared light therapy.
Along with Far Infrared light therapy we suggest a healthy diet, exercise, proper nutritional supplementation, exercise, hydration, proper electrolyte replacement and mineralization.

These modalities combined with a good trucker fitness plan may help speed up relief and recovery and may also help to optimize the healing process of your condition.

We Love Rsauna!!! And we believe… you will Love it too…
Make Rsauna your sauna today!!!

Help the body heal on a cellular level…
Try (R) lie down sauna and (R) other international award winning patented design of Pure Far Infrared products and get the results and relief that you deserve to have been looking for today…

Wishing you Good health and happiness – R Health Products CO.

A day without Rsauna is like a day without Sunshine.